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    Premiere Elements 7; Rendered Audio Panned to Left

    SoundGuy71 Level 1

      I am using PE 7.0 under Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 3.  The processor is an AMD Athelon 64 3200+ with 2 GBytes of RAM.  For Video, I have an ATI All-In-Wonder 2006 PCI-E.  The audio is handled by a Realtek AC'97.  The page file is 512 MByte on drive C:.


      There are four internal SATA drives:

      1. C:   System          74.52 Gbyte Total/   44.52 GByte Available
      2. D:   Audio Work   931.51 GByte Total/221.91 GByte Available
      3. K:   Main Work    931.51 GByte Total/229.63 GByte Available
      4. L:   Scratch         232.58 GByte Total/225.81 GByte Available


      and three external USB drives:

      1. F:   Video Work   1.81 TByte Total/1.22 TByte Available
      2. P:   Work Back    232.88 GByte Total/60.61 GByte Available
      3. Q:  Audio Back    415.65 GByte Total/286.1 GByte Available


      The CD/DVD burner is an HP dvd1140.


      The project is from a 55:45.375 AVCHD file captured on a Sony HDR-SR7 and imported to PE7, set as HDV 1080i, 29.97 frames/sec.


      Because the camera used a mono line level source (through an adapter) rather than its built in microphone, the AVCHD file has four identical audio tracks.  I imported those to Adobe Audition 3, elminated the redundant tracks, cleaned up the center track, added music and sound effects, mixed the whole thing to a 16 bit, 48,000 Hz stereo wav, and imported it to PE.  The new audio sync'd perfectly with the original.


      I unlinked the audio and video on the original file and deleted the original audio.  In the timeline view of PE, this left the original video on Video 1 and an empty 5.1 channel track on Audio 1.  The new audio was located in the "Soundtrack" section.


      The video file was moved to Video 2, the audio to Audio 2, and they were linked.  Next came some modest editing where the video was cut to 48;27;17 and some transitions and effects were added.


      So far, so good.  In the timeline of PE, the audio is in sync, at the right levels, and in balance, the video of acceptable quality, and the effects and transitions turned out nicely.  Of course, it's difficult to judge the video quality in the timeline, so I used the SHARE menu to create a DV NTSC widescreen file for a closer look.  The hardware is slow and it took about 7 hours to render the file, but I expected that.


      However, when I played the DV AVI file, the right audio channel was attenuated approximately 12 dB relative to the left.  I thought it might be a quirk in a particular video player, but it remains the case in each of the three video players (Windows Media Player, Real Player, & Quick Time Player) on which it was attempted.


      I verified that balance is in bypass mode on all clips and listened to the whole project in the PE timeline and the audio was in balance.


      Trouble shooting:


      I tried rendering several short clips (via SHARE) to see if the problem might be connected with length of the file.  The results were the same.  However, when I tried FILE/EXPORT/MOVIE/Microsoft DV AVI, it rendered the audio correctly.


      In reviewing the last three months of this forum, I haven't seen anything similar.  Has anyone else encountered this?  What have they done to correct it?


      As a workaround, I'm going to try the EXPORT function to render this project to DV AVI.  Needless to say that I am concerned that when I attempt to make DVDs using the SHARE menu, the audio will still lurch to the left.


      Thanks for your patience in wading through all of this.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          When you playback the Timeline, what do the meters on the Audio Mixer show for your two Audio Tracks? If I followed, you have two mono (1-channel) Audio signals and are mixing down to a Stereo (2-channel) Audio Master. Is that correct?


          Good luck,




          PS - Welcome to the forum.

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            SoundGuy71 Level 1

            The meters (5.1 channel type) show the left channel in the left and left surround channel, the right channel in the right and right surround channel.  The peaks are about -1dB.  There is nothing on the Center or Sub channel.


            I guess I didn't explain myself well.  I took the original mono track and mixed it to the center of a stereo mix.  The music and sound effects are mixed around that signal to complete the stereo track.  All of the audio is contained in that stereo track.


            Since the centered signal is predominate for dialog, the meters show the same signal (4 channel mono, if you will) when music and sound effects are not present.


            If I had my 'druthers, I would have routed the mono track to the center channel, the music to the front channels, and sound effects to the surround channels, but that's more than I can chew today and, besides, I see that PE apparently doesn't have the capacity to output any 5.1 channel audio to DVD, so that idea is moot, at least for PE7 and 8.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              What is your Master Track?


              In PrE, you cannot Export to DD 5.1 SS, so you must do a mix-down. In PrPro, with the SurCode DD 5.1 SS encoder plug-in (extra price), you can.


              Good luck,