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    Quiz: Submit per question vs submit per quiz

      Currently, when taking a quiz, the user must answer each question and click Submit on each question. A right or wrong response is displayed.
      Is there a way to change this so you only have a Submit button at the end of your quiz?

      Here is my logic for this. Let's say I have a 10-question quiz..

      Users want the ability to temporarily answer a question and then go back and change the original answer. So let's say that I answer question 1, skip #2, answer #3, answer #4 but I know I'll want to check that answer later, and so on until I get to #10.
      On "slide 11" there is a final Submit button that sends all of my answers to Breeze / LMS.
      Now even better would be a function that told me which questions I had either skipped or marked as "unsure" but I know that's not part of the current version.

      Thoughts? Is this possible using the current Breeze plug-in?