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    Font Problems


      Recently reformatted a Dell XPS 710 for my company I work for that had CS2 installed. I backed up a folder on the local drive that had a handful of fonts. I reinstalled CS2 and the fonts that were backed up on the workstation after the reformat and attempted to pull up .pdf's in CS2 but started getting "Font Problems" notifications. The list of missing fonts has grown to 25+  which seems odd because nobody in our IT department recalls installing so many different fonts on this workstation. My knowledge of Adobe is limited and I can not find anywhere on the web that has a list of CS2 fonts. I am curious if something went wrong on the install or if I am missing a fonts plugin/extras? What are my options at this point I cant even find out if the fonts we need would be part of CS5 so not even sure if upgrading would solve the problem?  Any assistance, advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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          Check the files in Acrobat/ Adobe Reader using File --> Properties! Everything else is pointless. You are panicking like a decapitated chicken, and that's not gonna help in any way. If the fonts are listed as "missing" the names of the fonts are still listed in the respective usage section in the info panel in Acro. Where you get them from then is another matter, but it is highly doubtful that this is in any way related to the Adobe products themselves - if you reinstalled them, they would have installed the same ffonts like way back then, nothing more. Probably you are missing third-party fonts...