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    cfhttp connection failure

      We're making a secured post to a web server. Even if we specify port 443 which is the port anyhow set up for the request from cf, we're getting a connection failure. We have the deflation header parameters plugged in, a non secured protocol works, we've followed the instructions about usuing the keytool utility to add the certifying authority to the key store. What else can we try. The ssl request from a browser on the cf server reaches the ssl port and returns the default index page. We're able to telnet to the server from the cf server as well. Please note that the certificate was really a chain of 4 certificates not all of which were signed but we were told are dependent on each other. Is there any need to see to it that the certificates are added in a certain order?
      Please let us know if you need any further info.

      This is holding up our deliverable (ecommerce site to go live) so immediate help would be greatly appreciated.
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          Prabhu S
          Mahti, are you accessing your CFMX development server using proxy? If so go and enable the Internet Explorer - > Tools -> Internet options -> Advanced, Check use HTTP 1.1 thru proxy connections.

          If possible, Could u please share the error message details received durnig Connection failure?

          Reply me back with the details..