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    single ended transitions in Premiere CS5


      I have 2 adjacent clips on the timeline. I want to add a "single ended transition (cross dissolve) to the end of clip 1 to fade it down. I then want to add another single ended transition (cross dissolve) to the beginning of clips to fade it up.


      I have done this zillions of times with Premiere CS4. Just drag the transition to the end of the first while holding down the control key. The control key tells Premiere that you want a single ended transition instead of the normal cross fade of the 2 clips. Then do the same thing with the control key for the second clip. This work flawlessly in CS4.


      However, it does not work so well in CS5. I can drag the transition to the end of the first clip and as I get near the point between the 2 clips, the cursor will change to show where the transition will go, at the end of the left clip, at the beginning of the right clip, or in the middle. I choose the end of the left clip. The problem arises with the second clip. As you drag the transitions to the timeline, the clips will darken at the point where the transition is going to be placed. This happens when I do the left hand clip. When trying to do this again with the right clip, the clip will not "darken" to show selection and the transition will not be entered.The control key seems to have no effect. If I move the right hand clip so that there is a gap in the middle, then the single ended transitions work on both clips. Of course, this action is the default for clips that have a gap on either side.


      I looks like Adobe has made some changes to CS5 in this area. So the question is how do I do single ended transitions to adjacent clips in Premiere CS5?