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    Trying to back up books to external hard drive


      According to adobe support, I am supposed to click the back up button in the bookshelf and tell it to copy.  I do not seem to have this button.  Can anyone help me find it or give directions to copy purchased books to an external hard drive in case my computer crashes.

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          Sound like you got bad advice from support - there is no support for backup from within Adobe Digital Editions.  To back up the files you need to back up the .pdf and .epub files  that are normally in the My Document folder under My  Digital Edtions ( Document and Digital Editions folder on the mac).

          To determine the actual location of a particular file, Inside  of ADE you can select a book and press Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) - i to bring  up the "More Info" dialog which will display the full path to the file.



          However the most important thing that you can do to back up your books is to make sure you have authorized with an AdobeID.  If you are activated anonymously then backing up the book files won't help because you will not be able to access them if your computer get signficantly change (OS upgrade etc...), since they are tied to the activations on that machine.  To check to see that you are authorized with an AdobeID, select "Authorize Computer..." from the 'Library' menu.