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    How can I reduce "trailing" & "lag" in QT Movie Exports?




      Ok, I'm using Flash CS4, and I'm exporting a 1:00 animation (traditional cartooning with some tweening) at 24 fps into a QT movie. 2


      However, I am noticing quite a bit of lag towards the middle of the exported file, with "trailing" artifacts and some "lag" in the tweens. I know this can be processor related, but are there any forms of compression that work better than others for reducing this type of issue? I have already checked out Adobe's post on this issue, but their info was pretty simple and didn't get into detail about the different forms of compression.


      Also, I have heard that exporting as a PNG sequence helps reduce this, as you can use other programs to export the image sequence into a quicktime format. Any recommendations on how to do that? I do not have AfterEffects or Premiere to export the image sequence.


      Thank you!