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    New Version Of Skype Crashing Adobe Flash Player Plugins


      Operating System - Windows 7, 64 bit


      Web Browsers - Mozilla Firefox, Version 3.6.6

                               Microsoft Internet Explorer, 32 bit, Version 8.0


      Flash Player Version 10.1




      For some reason, the new version of Skype is playing havoc with my Flash Player plugins for both Firefox and Internet Explorer.


      I downloaded and installed the latest Skype software today and noticed immediate problems. Skype was not responding and the Flash Player plugins on both browsers began crashing. I uninstalled both Skype and the Flash Player plugins. I then restarted my computer and reinstalled the Flash plugins. Functionality was restored to the Flash plugins in my browsers. I then reinstalled Skype. It was immediately non-functional and my Flash plugins started crashing again.


      I am now at the point where I have reinstalled the Flash plugins again and functionality is restored. I know if I try to install Skype, the Flash plugins will crash again.


      Any suggestions on how to proceed?