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    Playing back speech transcription WITHOUT preroll?

    Colin Brougham Level 6

      I think this is a bug, but I thought I'd post just to see if I'm missing something obvious...


      When playing back a clip's transcribed speech in the Metadata panel, clicking either the Play button in the panel or using Space Bar play results in the playback utilizing whatever happens to be set for preroll in Edit > Preferences > General > Preroll. By default, this is set to 2 seconds, which I usually leave because I like to use the Play Around command to check for clean edits; it sure beats repositioning the CTI manually every time. However, I think this is being erroneously applied to the Metadata panel; if I select a transcribed word as a specific playback point, once I hit Play, it jumps back two seconds. This makes it impossible, or at least extremely aggravating, when trying to edit the transcribed speech.


      It seems to me that this preroll should NOT be applied, but the only way I can get the functionality I expect is to set preroll to 0 seconds. This has the negative effect of disabling Play Around, however, which I do want enabled. Am I missing a simple command, or is this just not working correctly?