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    Flex De Tour in Eclipse Not Working

    MotionMaker Level 1

      When I add the view the panel shows this message


      Could not create the view: merapi/messages/IMessageHandler

      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: merapi.messages.IMessageHandler



      or if I keep closing and opening the view eventually I get


      Could not create the view: com/adobe/tourdeflex/core/TourDeFlexPlugin

      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/adobe/tourdeflex/core/TourDeFlexPlugin


      Flash Builder 4.01.277 (Standard license)

      Tour De Flex 1.04 (Highest number shown although I see version 2 being touted)

      Eclipse Version: 3.5.2.


      I have the Tour De Flex Air app installed and that works from the OS.