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    Create result event handlers for WSDL with multiple operations (Actionscript, FlashBuilder 4)

    Niels B.



      I'm trying to port a Flex 3 Project to Flex 4 by using Flash Builder 4.

      The project uses a WSDL that defines multiple operations. NOTE that I consume the webservice (and operations) async. through a AS class.


      In Flex Builder 3 I simply import the Webservice with the wizard, result event classes are generated by the wizard. I could add different event handler to those result event classes.

      Using the Data -> import method in Flash Builder 4 won't build result event classes for the different operations defined in the WSDL.


      I read about <mx:operation> tag to define different operations and result handlers. As far as I see this wont fit, because I am using the import wizard and AS wrapper classes instead of <s:webservice>.

      Any suggestions or hint on how to define multiple result event handlers on WSDL webservices for AS only code?


      Thanks in advance!