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    Seek between subclips of a SerialElement


      I've been unable to get seek working between RTMP subclips of a SerialElement.


      e.g. I have a SerialElement which contains 3 VideoElements each 10 seconds long. Attempting to seek to a time after the first subclip (after 10 seconds) doesn't work until the playback of the SerialElement has reached that second subclip (either by waiting or by seeking to just before the end of the first subclip). Then any attempts to seek to the third element also fail.


      ...it appears that this may be 'as designed':




      This seems to me to be a little bit contrary to the SerialElement's nature of being treated as a 'unified media element' - limitations are being imposed on seeking due to the element being made up of multiple elements (each of which are individually seekable).


      Does anyone have any ideas on how to seek from one subclip to a subsequent one? Am I missing (or overlooking) something that might help?