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    RH8 After conversion, added space after conditional tag phrase


      We just installed RoboHelp 8. After converting my 3 projects from RH7 to RH8, the system added spaces in between words of a condtional build phrase. That's great since it's much easier to see the words -- that was an improvement over version 7.


      However, it's also adding a space after the conditional build phrases, which is incorrect. It adds a space before a comma, adds a space before a period if the conditional build phrase occurs at the end of the sentence, etc. But it doesn't look like it does this in every case...I'm not sure why it did this, but it only happened after the conversion to 8.


      The generated help appears as in the example below. Note the space before the period in the first sentence and the space before the comma in the second sentence. It has done this on quite a few pages.



      Customer Definition Detail

      This page allows you to add a new customer or to edit an existing customer . If you are adding a customer , you must complete the detail information and then save it.



      Tried to upload the example of conditional build phrase, but it's not letting me.


      Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. This would be a lot to manually repair, so I'm hoping someone knows of a way to fix this using a setting.