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    Distribute Adobe Air Runtime via Apple Remote Desktop


      I've be researching whether or not it's possible to distribute the Adobe Air framework via Apple Remote Desktop, but I haven't found any solutions. The Adobe Air Admin guide has this to say:


      Enterprise deployment

      IT administrators can install Adobe AIR and AIR applications silently using standard desktop deployment tools. IT administrators can deploy the following:

      •Silently install Adobe AIR using tools such as Microsoft SMS, IBM Tivoli, or any deployment tool that allows silent installations that use a bootstrapper


      No mention of Apple Remote Desktop, or any other Apple-related Enterprise deployment methods. Is this possible, or must Mac software vendors bundle the Adobe Air framework with their pkgs (and jump through the necessary licensing hoops) in order for clients to get an Adobe Air app and all it's dependencies (i.e. the Adobe Air framework) distributed to a network of Apple machines.