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    Animation symbol keeps looping


      I am not sure if i am doing this even the way but here is what i did

      i created 3 animation symbols from scratch meaning (edit--insert--symbol--animation)

      i called them animi1, animi2, animi3

      each of them has graphic symbols within them

      animi1 has 53 frames

      animi2 has 46 frames

      animi3 has 17 frames

      animi4 has 55 frames


      now i went back to the main canvas where i had 1 frame and added animi1 from my library.. it automatically added the frames (53)

      now i went to frame 43 and added animi2 from my libraryand it asked me to add frames and i said yes

      etc.. for animi3 and animi4


      my problem is i want when animi1 finishes it stops at its last frame (no looping) when i try to set it to no looping (on editing the symbol) is accepts it but when i press done and go back and edit it again to make sure it automatically sets it back to forever loop

      same thing to animi2 and animi3 and animi4



      Am i doing something wrong?? please help.



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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          That's a lot of frames!


          It would be more helpful if you could share the file, but one quick question: Are you previewing the animation in a browser? Does the looping occur there?


          OK that was two questions.


          I do not believe you can set independent looping scenarios for different animations when they are combined as one single animation. The main animation used in this new file should be what controls the entire animation.


          Jim Babbage