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    Change Position of Tabs in TabNavigator




      I am new to flex/flashbuilder. I am trying to create a tabNavigator with the the tabs on the the side of the content area. I have searched and have found some work arounds (see below). However, I was under the appreciation that Flashbuilder 4 would have built in options for accomplishing this.


      Can someone please provide any insight? I find it hard to believe that no one would have considered placing a simple option like this into the application.





      Here is the code that kind of achieves my purpose however it is not a clean as the native look of the tabNavigator.


              <mx:TabBar dataProvider="{vs}"  direction="vertical"/>
              <mx:ViewStack id="vs">
                   <mx:Canvas label="First Tab" backgroundColor="red" width="500"  height="500"/>
                  <mx:Canvas label="Second Tab"  backgroundColor="green" width="500" height="500"/>
                   <mx:Canvas label="Third Tab" backgroundColor="blue" width="500"  height="500"/>
                  <mx:Canvas label="Fourth Tab"  backgroundColor="yellow" width="500" height="500"/>