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    SSL use freezing app




      I am the developer of a Adobe Air irc client written using JavaScript. I have recently implemented the use of SSL socket connections to IRC servers and since then have noticed that my app locks up on Mac OS X. It's the only change I have made recently. While an SSL connection is open the app will sometimes become unresponsive for a short period of time and I'll get the spinning ball and activity monitor will say that my application is unresponsive. Eventually the app will become responsive again.


      Has anyone else noticed this?
      Is there some way to mitigate this issue?


      My connections stay open for a long long time (days) and there is considerably activity going back and forth across the connection. While my irc client is available online, the version that I'm developing on now with the SSL connections is not yet public but I'd be willing to provide someone with an air file if they want to confirm this.


      Any help is appreciated.