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    Database Window: "add connection" (plus sign) greyed out - ASP site




        I'm trying to make a connection to an Access 2007 accdb file using an ASP site in Dreamweaver CS5 on Windows 7 Home Premium OS (intel i7 quad processor 6GB RAM).  The plus sign in the Database Window is greyed out, with no error message or explanation at all from the program. 


      All the steps below "To use dynamic data on this page" have checkboxes next to them.  [1. Create a site for this file.  2. Choose a document type.  3. Set up the site's testing server]


        I am running Dreamweaver CS5 on Windows 7 Home Premium.  I am trying to connect to an Access 2007 accdb file.  I have searched the internet far and wide for some clue, but everyone assumes the "+" sign is active and not greyed out.


        I created an ASP site.



      Local view:  C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Website\

      Remote/Testing server: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\


      I tried putting Access 2007 database both locations.


      I have tried several variations of where to put the local site, remote server, and testing server on my computer and nothing seems to make any difference.


      I would attach a screen shot showing the greyed-out plus-sign, but Adobe has temporarily disabled file uploads b/c of some security concern.


      I will be eternally in your debt if you can solve this vexing problem!


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          bemdesign Level 4

          I believe ASP support has been "deprecated" in Dreamweaver CS5 - there's supposedly a plugin for ASP support that can be found on your install disks (as an optional install) that will allow Dreamweaver to support ASP -  but I don't have a handy refernce or URL to pint you to. Maybe do a serach on the forums for "ASP deprecated in CS5". Sorry I can't be of more help.

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            AmateurHour Level 1

            Thanks for your suggestion.  I saw some threads claiming ASP.NET was deprecated for CS4, but I am using ASP, and:

            The server models listed in Dreamweaver CS5 under the Advanced server options (testing server) are:


            ASP JavaScript

            ASP VBScript

            ASP.NET C#

            ASP.NET VB



            PHP MySQL


            So I assume that means that none of those are deprecated?  I merely chose the very first one from the list.



            On the "Microsoft Answers" forum, the thread "No ODBC Drivers available for Excel or Access in Windows 7?!" might relate to my problem.  But I tried the Microsoft-sanctioned answer and did not find any ODBC options for MS Office in Control Panel/Programs and Features /Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007.


            In Administrative Tools (accessed in control panel or just by searching in the start menu), I opened up "Data Sources (ODBC)", there are no drivers listed under System DSN and clicking "Add" only gets me a list of SQL Server items (which I have installed on my computer but am not currently using).  Not Access 2007.


            This is my first time trying to set up a dynamic website and I am lost.  I was hoping Dreamweaver would make it easy for me, but so far it's not.

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              David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

              ASP VBScript has not been deprecated in Dreamweaver CS5. It's still supported.


              ASP.NET and ASP JavaScript are no longer supported. They're listed in the Server Models to enable developers to continue working with sites created in earlier versions of Dreamweaver.


              I'm not sure whether Dreamweaver supports databases created in Access 2007. You might need to convert it to use an .mdb filename extension. Also, see if the following page helps: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/setup_asp_04.html.


              If this is your first foray into dynamic website development, I feel bound to say that ASP is a very poor choice. Microsoft stopped developing ASP about 10 years ago, and now devotes all efforts to ASP.NET. Although a lot of people still use ASP, it's a dying technology. If you want to create dynamic websites in Dreamweaver, you would be better off using PHP or ColdFusion.

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                AmateurHour Level 1

                Thanks for your advice about ASP.  The only reason I'm using ASP is because the author of Dreamweaver CS4 for Dummies said it was the easiest/fastest to get up and running.  The author doesn't mention the possibility that the "add connection" button might be greyed out.


                I just followed your tutorial for using ASP with VBScript and it works fine.  Also, I tried adding an Access 2007 database (.accdb rather than .mdb) and it does show up in the connections window.  The tables fields appear, but I tried accessing the fields in one of my queries and they didn't show up.  But I guess that will be another question.


                Thanks for the help.  This is a good start.