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    How to scale SWF asset?




      Starting my journey with FC I've stopped at small problem (probably a big one): I have Flash Catalyst project in which I want to embed previously created SWF file. I make the magic in Flash Builder to make my project scallable but... the embeded SWF goes crazy - I mean it's big, and partly hidden .

      Anyone knows the answer to this problem?



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          Tanya Heins-2I5OoU



          Flash Catalyst only supports fixed dimensions at the moment.

          Take a look at this FAQ on liquid layouts.  It may help you.  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/652613.




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            prokopd Level 1

            Ok, I didn't explain that correctly. I have applied the preinitialize attribute to my project. And it really scales. But the SWF animation that I embeded(imported) to my FC project oversizes the player size - I mean - it scales but is too big to fit the player window. I've tried also combination with four rectangles in each corner of my stage, gave my project the preinitializer attribute in FB, and the rectangels overflows my player window- only the left top corner one was visible, but bigger than it was supposed to. The problem really is, that if I set my output swf to be scalled, the SWF animation that I embeded into project is too big, not in the size to fit my project proportions.


            My project is suposed to be displayed by using Flash Player - but not in browsers.


            To visualize my problem - two screenshots:





            So, after tweaking my FC project in FB my SWF is bigger than Flash Player viewport.


            Hope this will explan my problem better:)

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              Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

              Does this issue occur in the browser? I know that you want this to run in the stand alone player, but would be worth checking out. Also have you tried publishing it to an AIR file? Have you tried with a different embedded swf, just rule out issues with the embed swf?


              You could try adding the scaleContent attribute the mxml where the embeded swf is called.


              <fclib:SWFController source="assets/images/embed.swf" loadForCompatibility="true" x="50" y="40" scaleContent="true"/>


              Chris Griffith