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    Tweens affect other tweens?

    lanawylma2000 Level 1



      Please help... I'm working on a slide show which includes 3 sections that fade in and out automatically as well as can be navigated via buttons...


      Everything is working fine until I include a 3d tween animation of a hanging sign.. it doesn't have any action script - just a 3d tween where the sign swings... however once I include it in the slide show, the whole thing goes crazy:


      The fade in and out of tweens don't work... sometimes the slide show skips and everything start moving very fast as if the timeline was fast forwarded... can someone please helpe me and point me in the right direction of where to even start trouble shooting it?  The problem is that it acts as if there was some kind of script added.. however there's no action script included in the hanging sign... Hope that makes sense? I'd really appreciate any help


      Thank you!!!