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    Flash Builder 4 Debugger not launching.

    PChiranjeevi Level 1

      I have installed both Flex builder 3 and Flash Builder 4 in my HP Laptop.

      When i hit F11 key to run my air applications in debugger mode they were running fine in Flex Builder3. But FlashBuilder4 give error


      Launch Failed

      Failed to connect; session timed out.
      Ensure that:
        1. You compiled your Flash application with debugging on.
        2. You are running the debugger version of Flash Player.

      I have almost scanned google to find out the solution.

      But none of them worked for me.

      Most of them related to FB3. and rest of them were FB4 where debugger once worked and later disabled.

      But my problem is FB3 is fine. but FB4 not launching both Debugger and Profiler.

      Can some one help me in this regard.


      Surprising thing is, the same installs used for my Desktop and there both were working fine.

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          Anirudh Sasikumar Adobe Employee



          I'm surprised that for an AIR project you have this problem. In Flash Builder 4:


          * Does the AIR app launch when you hit debug in the toolbar?

          * Which SDK is your project using?

          * Does debugging Flex browser based applications work?





          P.S: I had responded to this thread via email on Jul 14th. For some reason, it did not update.

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            PChiranjeevi Level 1

            Hi Anirudh,

            Thanks for your time.

            1. Yes Air application is launching properly.

            2. Sdk 3.3 and crosschecked with all till 4.0.

            3. No Even in Browser based application it didn't worked.

            I donot know technically what happened but the issue is resolved in another way..

            Actually My organization has the Licence for the entire Adobe CS5 Suite.

            Befre this CS5 we got sepearate license for Flash Builder 4.

            When i installed the Flash builder from previous licence It didn't worked.

            I Migrated to all the CS5 Master Collections and it worked fine.

            Surprising thin is FlexBuilder3 worked fine.

            Don't know what could be the issue.