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    Prepare a site for use with Contribute


      I was looking through the information about Dreamweaver and

      Contribute and setting it up.  I found this information:

      You can make a site Contribute compatible without having Contribute on your computer; but if you want to be able to start Contribute Administrator from Dreamweaver, you must have Contribute installed on the same computer as Dreamweaver and you must be connected to the remote site before you enable Contribute compatibility. Otherwise, Dreamweaver cannot read Contribute’s administrative settings to determine whether CPS and Rollback are enabled.

      Important: You must make sure that the shared settings file (CSI file) that Contribute uses to administer the site is on the remote server and uncorrupted. Contribute automatically creates this file (and overwrites old versions of it) whenever you administer in Contribute Administrator. If the shared settings file is not on the server or is corrupted, Dreamweaver returns the error, "The file required for Contribute compatibility does not exist on the server" whenever you attempt a network operation (such as put). To ensure that the correct file is on the server, disable the connection to the server in Dreamweaver, start Contribute Administrator, make an administration change, and then reconnect to the server in Dreamweaver. For more information, see Adobe Contribute Help.


      If I enable a site from Dreamweaver does every Contribute user have to have a copy of Dreamweaver on their computer or only the administrator?

      IT's kind of confusing.