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    Issue with mask modes and blending


      I'm having issues with mask modes and blending.


      I have a composition with two text layers. One is the regular text and the other is a the glow for the text that has a blending mode set to Overlay for the whole layer.


      I then have a mask applied to that composition. I also have Collapse Transformations turned on for that comp so that the glow effect on that layer will come through.


      The problem is, when I apply the mask, the Overlay blending mode from that layer doesn't come through...it's like Collapse Transformations is ignored.


      So, I looked at the mask mode (which is set to Add by default) and if I change it to None, then the Overlay blending mode comes through...but I also loose the mask that I need.


      I've attached two images below showing how the text looks with and without the mask.


      Any ideas how to get the layer blending modes from the composition to come through when using a mask?


      With mask: http://share.shpigford.com/images/mask-20100713-132618.jpg
      Without mask: http://share.shpigford.com/images/no_mask-20100713-132629.jpg

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          And exactly what do you need collapse transformations (or more properly, continuous rasterization) for? I see nothing in your pictures that would warrant its use. The behavior you see is correct, as enabling CR affects the rendering order. To resolve your issue, you better simply scrap that idea with CT and use conventional layers, or, if unavoidable, restructure your setup to use track mattes rather than masks, so the transparency gets added at a later point.