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    Error: CMS not installed (Keine CMS Systeme installiert)


      I've been working with Pagemaker 7 for years and it still has everything i need. Now I set up a new computer and reinstalled PM7 (Windows XP SP3) and everything seems to work fine. But if I want to turn on Kodak CMS profile using the CMS Setup i get an error message right after clicking on CMS Setup. In my german language version it says "Keine CMS Systeme installiert" which means something like "no cms system installed". Can anybody help me out? What am I doing wrong?


      Heres some additional information on what I already tried:

      - Clean installation of PM7 an clean new Windows freshly set up - did not work

      - Installing patches to upgrade to version 7.01a - did not work

      - Replacing the installation folder with the one from my old machine - did not work