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    Help ! TextArea doesn't work w/ html property

      IDE version : Flash 8 / CS2


      I have big troubles with TextArea component using html and embedFonts properties with integrated font.
      In brief words:
      - When embedFonts and html properties are true and using integrated font, my textarea is empty. No error in action script.
      - When embedFonts is true and html propertiy is false and using integrated font, I see my text with the integrated font but all html tags appear as text elements.
      - When embedFonts property is false and no reference to integrated font, just html property with true, text appears with html aspect. But with default font.

      I’m trying to understand and fix the problem, but with no success. I did not find any information about this strange behaviour.

      Many thanks for help.


      Apologize for my poor English speaking.