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    Premiere Elements 7 Help required - timeline & source no playback


      Hello everyone,

      I am currently experiencing some major problems with my copy of "Premiere Elements 7" recently which I have only encountered once before. Unfortunately the previous solution of a system restore was not available to me this time and after various re-installs and head scratching I am hoping someone may be able to help me with this issue.


      The problem:

      When I double click the source footage for a preview, the footage does not play, a similar case in the timeline where once I hit the play button in the edit window, or hit space or enter, the button will indicate play, but the video will not be in motion. I can move the timeline tracker along and it will display the frame at that point.

      It is only recently this has occured with no change to my computer at all. It is not connected to the internet as it is used purely for editing.

      I have checked the playback settings and everything is in order and fits in with PAL.


      I am using:

      Windows 7

      MESH computer

      AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 250 Processor

      3.00 GHz

      4.00 GB Ram (3.75GB useable)

      64-Bit operating system


      I eagerly await any help!