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    Auto populate filename only

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      To start off, I am a very low level beginner wtih JavaScript.  I understand what it is and can do, but I have no clue how to write it, and I have not been able to learn yet.


      Can someone please help me find/write a script that can be set as an action on a text field to automatically populate the file name of a form (similar to how a script that populates today's date would work).  My goal was to just put it in the footer, and I figured there was no way Acrobat wouldn't have some step already set up to do this, but after about 4 hours of researching, I have not found anything that works for me and this is really holding me up.  I have found a few things that populate page number, date and then filename, or path. But, I only want the filename to populate in the lower right corner, in a small point size, in gray.


      I would greatly appreciate anyone's knowledge on this!