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    Activation of Sony reader.

    Michelle C-W

      I have downloaded books fresh from Kobo into Sony reader.  I have same books in Adobe Digital.

      Neither program will allow me to move those books into the actual reader.

      Adobe error message:

      Error: Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof
      No permission to copy document here-- no information of how to get permission.


      Sony error message: To transfer this ebook you must first authorize the reader for Adobe DRM Protected Content.

      Would you like to authourize the Reader now?

      When I responded 'Yes' to the question, I had the choice of going either to Sony or Adobe.

      Adobes response was too many authorizations.  I have never successfully authorized the  reader so how can I have too many authorization?

      Sony's response was:  Error code 2023-- too many authorizations of Device.

      If I had successfully authorized the darn thing I wouldn't be doing it again.  I am so frustrated I could weep.

      Any solutions?  Please.  I would rather be reading than tearing my hair out...So much for my saving paper....