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    Kobo compatibility?


      I just got a Kobo ereader, so that I could take ebooks out of the library and be able to read them when I'm not at my computer.  I've been able to transfer them onto the Kobo, but when I attempt to open them, I get a message saying they are locked, and I need to unlock them with my ADE password. But I can't figure out how to do that!    Has anyone been able to read ADE ebooks on a Kobo?   On the ADE website it seems to imply that they are only readable on a Sony.  I'd be mighty disappointed if that's the case!

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          bulpelky Level 1

          the library site says Kobo is compatible? Im having the

          same problem

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            I am having same problem.  I was told I could get library books...is there any help?  I am going to call for help tomorrow...

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              Jim Lester Level 4

              You must transfer the books using Adobe Digital Editions.  Simply doing a file copy in either Explorer (Windows) or Finder(Mac) will not work.


              p.s. Adobe does not offer phone support for ADE - support is only available through the web at http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions.  If you call then, at best they will tell you exactly that, and at worst they will try to help and end up making things worse because they don't know what they are doing.

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                borderaussie Level 1

                I was actually going to call Kobo....BUT after many frustrating hours and searching for answers etc I uninstalled ADE AGAIN,,,then reinstalled

                it with the Kobo already plugged into computer...IT WORKED well at least it was showing the Kobo and I could drag and drop books...then it

                put the books to the Kobo but still locked.  so I shut it all down and when I got up this morning turned it on for a try again before takng it

                back to Borders and the books are UNLOCKED and readable.  I didnt do a thing!!  I was in Borders this afternoon and the "techy" employee that

                knows the kobo wasnt there but they did tell me that kobo is shipping new cables as they dont connect well...so maybe thats the issue  whatever

                I am in line to get a new cable and will see what happens next...

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                  ginamig276 Level 1

                  I've tried uninstalling & reinstalling with Kobo plugged in and still nothing has worked!  Any help


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                    ginamig276 Level 1

                    I've fixed it!


                    This is how:


                    First the last time I used the ADE was when I bought a Nook which I returned the next day because I didn't like it.

                    Everytime I plugged the Kobo in it was locating it but like everyone else I got the message about content being locked.

                    What I did was uninstall ADE.

                    Then reinstall ADE.

                    Then I did a Reset on my Kobo.  (Fine for me...I didn't have anything on it.)

                    Then I plugged in my Kobo to my computer.

                    Once I did that ADE automatically detected it so it could authorize it as a device.

                    Once I did that I transferred my library book.

                    Ejected my Kobo.

                    And book was there, and I am able to read it.

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                      I had the same problems.....tried to drag and drop from ADE to the KOBO itself ( opening up "My Computer" to access the KOBO) and it didn`t work. What did work was opening ADE, with my book allready there, downloaded from the library site,  had my KOBO connected and  dragged and dropped within the same ADE page to the KOBO icon on the left side under "bookshelves"

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                        side note: the above post is correct however you MUST select "manage library" on your Kobo for this to work