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    annoying SWF still loading off screen....please HELP!

    arvindsond Level 1



      HI all,


      OK this is really annoying.......I have searched and searched for a soloution but to no avail.

      I even looked into preloaders but that doesn't seem to work either, but there has to be a reason why Flash Catalyst is not using the main swf (the blue cube in my site below) correctly:




      When I preview my site in FC the cube is always centre as it should be and where it has bee n placed in every state, but I am not sure why the first time a web browser loads the website it loads the swf off centre.......I never had it in this location in FC or even at this size, so why oh why is it doing this.......there has to be a logical explanation for this.  As soon as the site loads incorrectly and you refresh the site....then it loads absolutely fine, so this led me to believe that the swf is too large so i shrunk it in size from 6MB to 1.4MB and it still seems to load off centre if you clear you web history and reload the page????????????


      I actually need to get the site up and running quite quickly as I need to show it to potential employers and I cant have this odd looking cube off to one side as it just looks unprofessionsal.


      So if there is anyone out there (paging all Adobe employees/wizards) that can help it would be much appreciated!