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    Super Pixelated

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      I am trying to design a basic vertical biz card with AI. The printer sent me a cmyk template. 2 inches x 3.5 inches with what look like a 20-30px bleed (i dont use inches often). it opened up @300% in the lower right hand corner of the canvas.


      Every object i Place or Drag into canvas looks EXTREMELY pixelated no mater how i scale it. How do i make the pixelation stop.


      specs of pics:

      1920x1080 or larger


      png or jpg



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          Scott Falkner Level 6

          Turn off Pixel Preview under the View menu.


          Pixels have no physical size, so do not use pixels to measure something meant for output. learn to work in either inches, points, or picas. You may find points the more intuitive measure.

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            preditorj40153117 Level 1

            I will remember that.


            But how does that effect psd's, tiffs, pngs, and jpg sharpness. i cant design on an image that looks like that. How do i get that image to be clean and crisp?


            The text that is generated in AI is pixelated also.

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              Scott just wrote  the answer you will have to stop working in pixels if you are doing work intended for output to press.


              You should size your images in the application if originates from such as Photoshop. That is 1.5" x 2" @ 300ppi, then place that image in Illustrator.


              You then go to the Illustrator Preferences and in General tab check Anti-Alias.


              I personally do not know how you can work without using measurements like inches or points if you work on print projecs.


              So to make it clear is this is not an option so keeping it mind will do nothing for you you will have to change the to preview and use inches points, picas or mm etc.


              You will be happier this way.

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                JETalmage Level 6



                When you "work in pixels" in Illustrator, you are in fact working in points. The rulers may say "Pixels," but that's a complete scam. They are rulers. They are indicating a measure, not a count of pixels. The measure they are indicating is points (1/72").


                Select the raster image. Go to the Document Info palette. From its flyout menu turn on Selection Only and either Embedded Images or Linked Images, depending on whether the selected raster image is embedded or linked. The palette will now list the PPI of the selected image. Note that the "resolution" of the selected image is always given in PPI (Pixels Per Inch) regardless of whether you have your rulers set to Pixels, Inches, Points, Picas, Millimeters, Centemeters, or whatever. So get over your aversion to using real units of measure (which "Pixels" is not). A business card is 2" x 3.5". Use inches.


                Assuming View>Pixel Preview is turned off (as it should be), "pixelation" in Illustrator is simply a matter of the "interference" between the scale (PPI) of your raster image as compared to the current zoom. The image look somewhat jagged at any zoom that does not result in an evenly divisible ratio between your monitor pixels and the pixels of the image. So if you import a raster image (Image A) that is scaled on the page to, say, 150 PPI, and your zoom is 100% (which Illustrator considers to be 72 PPI), some jaggedness will appear in the display of the raster image because 150 is not evenly divisible by 72. Set your zoom to 208%, (or to 104%) and the image will look as smooth as it's going to in Illustrator. But other raster images on the page which are scaled to different PPI will look somewhat jagged. Set your zoom to 100% and another image (Image B) on the same page that happens to be scaled to 72 PPI (or 144 PPI, or 288 PPI) will look smooth, while Image A does not.


                This is normal. The jaggedness is not a problem. It's the nature of object-based programs like Illustrator, in which each raster object can reside on the page at a different PPI scale. This is not Photoshop. It's a different world, and for good reason.



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                  preditorj40153117 Level 1



                  I'm crushing my head. WOW, Adobe is one large barrel of worms. I just got really comfortable with PS and now AI is like another logic all together.


                  So even when i generate text it will look pixelated? I have tried to generate the entire card inside of AI and only shapes appear crisp. The text generated in AI is also pixelated and anti-alias is checked.


                  I think i better spend a few hrs on tutorials before i get into this. It seemed like it was easier than this. until someone who uses AI daily sent this template.


                  Can an image that is generated in PS be sent to AI and somehow get auto vectorized without the pixelation? That is if i set PS to inches or points.


                  and please excuse the infant like questions. i am just having a hard time wrapping my head around it.

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                    Scott Falkner Level 6

                    If your image has adequate resolution, it does not need to be vectorized. “Adequate”, in this case, would be anything above 200 pixels per inch. If your image is 400 pixels wide and you place it in Illustrator and scale it to be 2 inches wide, it will have a resolution of 400 pixels/2 inches, or 200 pixels per inch.


                    You have not, even after three responses, mentioned whether you have checked View > Pixel Preview. This should be off. If it is off and text look pixelated, that may be due to a problem with the font installation or the font may be intentionally designed to look pixelated. If your images placed (not copied) from Photoshop look pixelated then they do not have high enough resolution and should be recreated or new, higher resolution source images should be found.


                    Please verify that you have turned Pixel Preview off (it is NOT checked) and then post a screen shot.

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                      preditorj40153117 Level 1

                      You have not, even after three responses, mentioned whether you have checked View > Pixel Preview. This should be off.


                      Bam. That size 12 Nike did my booty some good. That was it all along. Toss tomatoes and eggs at me PLEASE, I wont duck.

                      But i also appreciate the extra info =on the measurements and how AI handles objects.


                      and sorry for being on the short bus.