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    Remove 0 value in a calculated field


      I know this was posted in 2009 however, I was not able to get the JavaScripts correct from the treads.  Can someone please provide them again?  I am using Adobe Pro 8.


      We have some users that like to print the form versus filling out online so the 0s in the calculated fields print then they line through them or write over them and it becomes a mess.





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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I have found that using the 'Custom Validation script' on the 'Validation' tab will work when any of the calculations options is used. But since this code is only executed when the form field is recalculated, one needs to clear the form or force the recalculation of the form before one will see the results.


          I use the following code:


          // if the event value is zero, set the field value to a null string

          if ( event.value == 0 ) event.value = "";