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    Patch for air 2.0





      I have been using voddler.com for a while now. It works great.

      Suddenly they update their client and it has to use the new adobe Air 2

      but then it would not work anymore.


      I get this error


      content security error 3344 127


      This is becuase of a bug in adobe air 2 it wont work

      on DANISH windows xp operation systems.


      So all pcs running windows xp with Danish characters will fail running the new voddler 2.0

      and new adobe air 2.0


      So my question is:


      Will there be a patch for Danish win xp systems so I can patch the

      adobe air 2.0 so it WILL work for the danes in Denmark too or not ?


      IF yes when do u think it will be here ?


      They allready made a pach for the old voddler 1.0 which worked


      See more at



      ps. I dont have any problems running other adobe air driven aplications

      at the moment only the new voddler 2.0



      Best Regards

      iceb ( from Denmark )