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    zoom tool marquee not working?

    yachts99-2vTvY1 Level 2

      Photoshop CS5 12.0.1


      I don't seem to be able to draw a marquee with the zoom tool selected, around a specific area of an image and then see just that portion of the image enlarged.


      As soon as I start to draw the marquee, the image immediately starts to scale/zoom in and I can never complete the marquee.


      Is this a new feature in CS5 or should I be using some other method to zoom in to a specific part of an image?

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Have you tried turning Scrubby Zoom off for the Zoom Tool in the Options Bar?

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            yachts99-2vTvY1 Level 2

            Thank you, that was what I was looking for!

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              distriller Level 1

              Is there any possibility to do marquee zoom even when Scrubby Zoom is enabled? What I want is to mainly use Scrubby Zoom, but every now and then I want to do marquee zoom but it's annyoing to disable Scrubby and again enable it. Ideal would be: cmd+shift+space / ctrl+shift+space = marquee zoom even if Scrubby Zoom is enabled. Any ideas? If no other workaround, how to use a shortcut key for toggling Scrubby Zoom?

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                Gyno-jiz Level 5

                You can create a tool preset and have an action load it. If you call up a new levels adjustment dialogue and make that a user-editable step in the action (first create the adjustment, close that, then add a second step that edits it, make the second step the user-editable step), then you can zoom, and then have the action trash the layer and then load a preset with scrubby zoom back on.


                This does beg the question, is there a way to get an action to pause for the user to zoom, without having to work around / drag over a dialogue box? And the above seems pretty convoluted. Any hints for making things cleaner?

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                  Glyphism Level 1

                  I'm having a related problem. I am having to go back to Photoshop CS4 due to one fundamental change in CS5, and I can't find a solution for it.


                  In CS4 I can use the marquee tool while also zooming in and out o fan image by holding the option key down and using my scroll wheel. The marquee does not need to be 'closed', as in I can be half way thorugh creating a path around an object, and I can zoom in/out and continue using the marquee around the object without having to let go of it.


                  In CS5 this functionality is no longer working. I have tried changing every preference, and looking everywhere, but I can not find a solution.


                  I rely on this functionality as I need to do a lot of detailed marquee work around graphics, while being able to zoom in and out while I do it.


                  If anyone knows a solution I would be most grateful.




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                    paul campagna Level 1

                    I just got cs5 and I HATE IT!!!!!!! I need to be ableto zoom when i have the maquee tool selected with the scroll wheel. Besides the fact that the scroll wheel now jumps the zoom  in increments instead of being smooth (FR#K!NG THING) now i find out that I cannot zoom with the scroll wheel when the marquee is selected!! WTF!


                    Thanks for screwing up photoshop adobe! Nobody has answered any of my quesitions on how to fix the scroll wheel zoom to be not "Clunky" and go from 100% to 65% with a flick, but now this! I need the scroll zoom to work when the marquee tool is selected?


                    Sonofabitch I wish I never "Upgraded" and spent money for something that has less!!! Two of the things I depend upon are gone! No response from Adobe on a fix, plus i'm sure cs6 is going to be out soon, so they don't care. I'm so pissed things that used to work don't


                    I've been working with cs5 for a day and I can't believe that they took out and changed the way the zoom works that I used constantly!


                    HOW DO I GET BACK THE SCROLL WHEEL ZOOM?????

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                      Jeff Schewe Level 5

                      paul campagna wrote:


                      I've been working with cs5 for a day....


                      Wow...a whole day? I guess that makes you an expert on CS5 huh?


                      Too bad, with your attitude I don't think you'll find too many people offering you help.

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                        paul campagna Level 1

                        @ Jeff Schewe Well the two things I use the most don't work the way they used to and I've tried adobe all day every chance i get to try and get a work around, but no response. Don't really care if you don't help because you're wasting my time. I've had trouble with more than just photoshop from adobe inthe last week . Their customer service SUCKS!


                        If you cant offer help, then please don't wast my time.

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                          paul campagna Level 1

                          @ Jeffrey Tranberry thanks for the link. I will try that tomorrow. Hopefully it works and out of the 15 emails i've spread around the web .

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                            Noel Carboni Level 8

                            paul campagna wrote:

                            the two things I use the most don't work the way they used to


                            I was just wondering if you ever got this resolved, Paul, to where you're more satisfied with the new version.


                            There are at least SOME configuration items that allow you to select "old" ways of working.  In your case the Zoom With Scroll Wheel setting in Edit - Preferences - General came to mind.


                            Regarding smooth animated zoom vs. jumps...  I seem to remember this conversation from a while back.  On PCs it's never been "smooth" with the scroll wheel.  We can assume you have a Mac.  Since with OpenGL on a PC one CAN see an animated smooth zoom by holding down the left mouse button with the zoom tool selected, if the intent was to grow the PC and Mac user experiences together, one has to wonder why it wasn't changed the other way.



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                              paul campagna Level 1

                              I have given up on PS5.5 and have to work in CS4 to get work done efficiently. I was just doing something that I could've used some features in CS5, but for me to save, close, open in 5.5, then do the changes, then go back to cs4, when i need to select stuff, is not worth the headache.


                              I can sorta replicate to zooming-in/out while the marque is selected by using Better Touch Tool in combination of PS5.5 and adding the gesture pinch to zoom in and out , but that is still supper jagged while zooming and not a fluid as it should be. I've been M-f'ing Adobe for years, so this is not different.


                              It's a  shame that things don't work like they should in cs5.5, but i've come to realize that most everything I do in adobe programs are painfull. Then to try and resolve issues, is equally painful and then  after hours of trying to get things to work like they should, there is no solution.


                              I've already spent a good two days on this problem and I cannot spend anymore time on it because I have s*$^ to do.... I cannot recomend cs5.5 to anyone because features i need were taken away with no easy fix. Stick with CS4. 

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                                c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                                I wonder what kind of work you usually do in Photoshop that a changed/removed zoom-behaviour when a particular tool is in effect is such a nuisance to you and deters your attempts at efficient working.

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                                  paul campagna Level 1

                                  I select things almoast everytime I open photoshop. If I cannot efficiently select things and zoom in and out smoothly while the select tool is active, then Photoshop cs5.1 is worthless to me most of the time. It zooms in and out in increments of 20% unlike cs4 that is in increments of 5%


                                  Have you ever ridden with someone that slams on the brakes everytime they stop or floors the car just to pull forward a foot? VERY annoying! That is what cs5 does when i need to move an inch, it moves three feet. Very jerky and in cs5 I cannot have the marque tool selected and zoom while selecting with the scroll wheel. I can do it in CS4, but cs5 SUCKS with this behavior, with apparently no fix... Does that answer your question? Do you have a helpful answer to my problem? If not, then please don't waste my time by questioning how I use photoshop. I need a solution or a helpful alternative.

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                                    c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                                    Does that answer your question?

                                    No, I meant whether you do retouching, montages or more graphical work.

                                    Do you have a helpful answer to my problem?

                                    No, but I feel perfectly entitled to ask questions related to (working with) Photoshop on this Forum as long as I do so politely.

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                                      paul campagna Level 1

                                      It's hard to tell the "tone" of a response when reading things and no "voice" to tell why you are asking a question, so if I come across as a jerk I apologize if I read your question the wrong way. I am so fed up trying to find an answer to this, that i am not a happy person while talking about it.


                                      I use photoshop for EVERYTHING! retouching, graphics, web, manipulation, prototyping, etc, etc. I've been using photoshop since 1994 (version2?) everyday of my life at school and work. I am a web, photography, video, architect, 3-D, etc, etc person.


                                      I typically love the new features that each version brings and adjust accordingly if things are different and sometimes i like the change, but not on this one. I absolutey need photoshop to zoom smoothly while i'm using the selection tool. The (non-helpful) scrubby zoom that was added scrolls very smoothly like i need the scroll wheel zoom to do, but you have to select the zoom tool to use it. I cannot select the zoom tool while I have the select tool "selected", so that doesn't help.


                                      The times I need to use the selection (polygonal lasso) tool is cutting pasting, or masking, etc. Anytime I need to select something I use this by zooming in close, as I select precisly, then zoom out when selecting long straight runs. In CS4 I can do this very efficiently, but when the zoom is not working like it should, things become very frustrating.

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                                        c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                                        Like I said I have no solution for the issue either, but thanks for indulging me.

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                                          Noel Carboni Level 8

                                          paul campagna wrote:


                                          I have given up on PS5.5 and have to work in CS4 to get work done efficiently.


                                          I'm sorry to hear that; certainly some of the new features in Photoshop CS5 have merit on their own, but if it frustrates you to use it I respect your decision.


                                          Out of curiosity, and I'm sorry for asking about this again because I think we did talk about this some before on the (now defunct) Windows forum, but please clarify in detail just what it is you are trying to do...


                                          1.  You select the Polygonal Lasso Tool (aka rubber band selection tool).


                                          2.  You click the mouse one or several times on the image to start to select something.


                                          3.  While still making the selection, with Photoshop CS4 you can zoom the view smoothly in and out by turning the scroll wheel on the mouse, then continue making the selection.  But you cannot do this in Photoshop CS5.


                                          Is that more or less correct?


                                          I ask because I could not detect a difference between Photoshop CS4 and CS5 (on a PC workstation - in neither case can I zoom while making a Polygonal Lasso selection), and I'm wondering just how far back the PC and Mac editions have behaved differently in this regard.  Notably I *can* zoom in/out on both versions while making a selection using the Control + or Control - key combinations though, so it's not like the underlying selection tool logic can't handle it.


                                          As I've said, on PC I've never seen the scroll wheel do a smooth zoom as far back as I can remember, nor can I find an older version where I can zoom the image while making a Polygonal selection.  It seems it jumps at about 10%.  Interestingly when I try a scroll wheel zoom during selection, (with CS2 and newer) it seems at least one zoom step is remembered and takes effect after the selection is completed, which is weird.


                                          Perhaps if we can identify here exactly what it is Adobe has broken/removed, they'll consider putting it back in Photoshop CS6.  It really does sound like a loss of functionality, and we certainly don't need LESS functionality/usability while making selections!





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                                            paul campagna Level 1

                                            Yes in CS4 on a mac, once you start selecting, using the polygonal lasso tool, you can continue to zoom in and out with the scroll wheel very smoothly as you select, but in cs5 this disapeared. That is a huge problem for me as well as the "general" zooming to be very zagged going in large increments instead of say 2%-5%, it goes to 20%-to 100% depending on where you are at on the image. A simlple scroll zooms the image out of sight! When I use the scrubby zoom, it is smooth like it should be, but I see no purpose of the scrubby. I'm guessing the code for the scrubby zoom is the culprit, for which i see no real use for if you can only use it when the zoom tool is selected. There should be a hot key that enable the scrubby zoom no matter what tool is selected. That might solve the problem, but who knows since im only speculating. 


                                            Maybe adobe is pissed at Apple so they want to make the mac version like the PC version? I don't know, but when things change for the worse, i have no love for Adobe. I think i mentioned how awful their customer service was. Everyone there were idiots and transffered me around for hours while still not solving any of my concerns. I will never recomend them to anyone, nor will i ever call for help again. Totally worthless.

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                                              Noel Carboni Level 8

                                              paul campagna wrote:


                                              Maybe adobe is pissed at Apple so they want to make the mac version like the PC version?


                                              While I agree that in this case it sure sounds as though what they SHOULD have done was make Photoshop CS5 work like it did in CS4 on the Mac for all platforms, I think it's more likely Adobe is simply trying to unify the code base and make their maintenance a bit less costly.  Perhaps there's some reason why it can't be done on one platform, so they reduced it to the least common denominator on both. 


                                              Reduction in functionality is really never a good idea.  No matter how obscure, SOMEONE is relying on the functionality.  In this case it's you, Paul.


                                              Even worse, your "20%-to 100%" comment implies they've actually made scroll-wheel based zoom choppier in Mac land than it is on the PC side now.  There it's still exactly 10% per step from what I can see.


                                              Might be nice to hear a few words of wisdom from Chris Cox on this issue.



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                                                Blue_River_Crossing Level 1

                                                I have a question on relocating the zoom marquee.

                                                On CS5 and previous, you could select an area with the zoom tool and then relocate that area by pressing the space bar. Since CS6 and now CC, this option is gone, or is there another shortcut that I don't know of?



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                                                  Jeffrey Tranberry Adobe Employee

                                                  Select the Zoom tool and uncheck "Scrubby Zoom" in the tool options bar.

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                                                    Blue_River_Crossing Level 1

                                                    Unfortunately its not working. Even with the "scrubby zoom" off, it when pressing space, after making the marquee, it doesn't move (the marquee).