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    JRrun continually scanning files

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      Hi there.
      I'm actually running Flex 1.5, but as this is JRun weirdness, it could well
      be the same in Flex 2.0. If not, I'll ask on the Flex 1.5 / JRun forums.
      Thanks for bearing with me.

      I've been experiencing an awful lot of file activity on my dev PC recently,
      so D/Led FileMon from sysinternals, and ran it for a while to see what's
      going on.

      One thing I notice is that every second or so, JRun seems to scan all files
      (mxml, as, jpg, png, css, etc) relating to a Flex app that I have
      "installed" on my machine. Now... I'm not running that app; I don't even
      have a browser open.

      WTF does JRun think it's playing at? JRun's as slow as a dog @ the best of
      times, without it poking its nose into something that should not concern it
      until it's *asked* about it.

      Any ideas?