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    Application freeze just before resultEvent




      I am using flex with coldfusion.

      I am calling a method on component creation complete :

           prefUserAccessResult.token = access.prefUserAccess(this.parentApplication.userid);

      and just before the prefUserAccessResult_resultHandler(event:ResultEvent)

      the application freezes for few seconds (busy cursor stops and does not follow the mouse cursor anymore, impossible to use the app...)


      the AMF response size is almost 500ko. and the request itself is done in less than 50ms.


      Any clue on this or on how can I handle a such amount of data ?


      because of course if I reduce response (few rows returned by the query) there's no freeze.





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          Balakrishnan V Level 3

          What I understand from your query is that when you import a large amount of data, application seems to hang.


          If my understanding is right, I had this same issue some time back. I had to workaround this issue, by loading the data in batches (first "n" records that doesn't hang, then the next "n" records and so on). This might require some sort of a serial key attribute on your database.


          I feel that this may be due to a request time out. To fix this, you may set the requestTimeout attribute of your RemoteObject service to a suitably high number or even a value <= 0, in which case there will be no timeout.


          Hope this helps,


          balakrishnan v