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    CP5 German: Any support for German version of Captivate 5 test installation?

    Tom Tantalus Level 1

      Whenever I encouter a problem with my Captivate 5 test installation, I cannot find help using the technical terms shown in my German CP5 windows. For example: I cannot see any text that was entered as "Bilduntertitel" (which I would translate to slide subtitles). I found a term like "CLOSED CAPTIONING" but no example, how those would appear in the presentation.

      Is there any recommendation, how I could use the words shown by Captivate 5 in order to describe a problem or question?

      I have thought of installing CP5 English in parallel: If I would install a test installation of English Captivate 5 in parallel: could this be a solution without having trouble because of licensing or interference between 2 installations on the same computer?