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    mpeg2 blueray gives me better quality that H.264 blueray


      When I use the set prests for H.264 - blueray that CS5 has in the media encoder the quality looks a little poor? But when I use the Mpeg2 -blueray option this gives me a quality identical to the orginal HDV footage. Everywhere I've read people say that H.264 is a better format. I made no changes to any settings in the media encoder. And that was my result. Does anyone see what I see?


      When I created the Blueray in enocre I made one small clip in H.264 and one in Mpeg2. Mpeg2 was night and day better. The H.264 files looked bleary when motion was faster in the video. When the image was near static or stationary the image from h.264 was clear. When I watched the mpeg2 file on the blueray it stayed sharp and clear the entire time identicle to the orginal HDV footage. To give you an idea I have Dish Network HDTV and they use mpeg4 wich is I'm guessing from what I've read is H.264. I get the same thing on there. If the image is still not alot of motion clearity is very sharp and HDTV looking, but when a lot of motion is involved the quality is a little bleary, not blurry (bleary which in my definition is between clear and blurry.).


      I've learned that the h.264 makes a smaller file than mpeg. But it appears if I change the bitrate setting on mpeg2, and take the bitrate down a hair from the defaults I should be able to get a 2 hour video or near 2hr video to fit on a blueray and at the quality I want.


      Anyone with some advice or know what I'm talking about? I'm new to the HD world I've just upgraded to Production Premium CS5 from Pro 1.5 and Encore 1.5. So video formats and the settings for these and the way premiere exports is way, way different than I'm used to. Any help would be appriciated.


      I would like to know which formats are best and what setting I should use to get the best picture, It appears that I've found it with mpeg2 blueray but would like input from someone.