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    Skinning Workflow in Flex 4

    1ndivisible Level 1



      I am struggling to find a good workflow for creating animated skins in Flex 4. I need to create some fairly complex hand-animated skins for Buttons.


      Previously I was using the Skinning extension for Flash CS4, animating on the timeline and exporting at a Flex (Stateful) Skin, utilising the appropriate Framelabels to define the transitions between skin states.


      This no longer seems to be a part of the workflow, and though I could use Catalyst for very basic animated skins (when it isn't crashing or freezing), I need a timeline and the tooling in CS5 for the animations I want.


      So my question is, how am I supposed to achieve this in Spark? Again let me reiterate, I understand that basic animated skins can be achieved via Catalyst, or through code, but neither of these routes are viable for what I require. The Flash Skin extension and the Stateful integration with Flex components was perfect before, but what replaces it now?