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    Tile printing, please help!


      I'm trying to print an image and am using Illustrator for it's tile print tool. I'm using A3 13x19 paper, tried to use as much out of 4 sheets as possible, but had some of the image chopped and looking for a way to print just the missing parts in 2 sections, hopefully only using 1 sheet of paper and then cutting it out.


      So, I've printed (really expensive) 4 sheets, but have that middle part cropped out. Can I isolate that part, print in the same scale so I end up with 4 large prints, and 2 small strips in between? Thanks for any suggestions!

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          Scott Falkner Level 6

          It looks like the full width of the image will fit in the height of the paper. Rotate the paper in the Media section (above Options, where you have Tiling turned on) and turn off Tiling. Drag the image in the preview window until it’s positioned as you want it.

          Next time, use an overlap value higher than 0. Your image will not print on four sheets positioned as you have shown it, but it may fit on four, or even three, sheets rotated.

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            avegagti Level 1

            btw, my intention is to hang this, so I want to have it as i full image, but hung spaced 1/4" or so. It would actually look pretty cool if it was these 4 large pieces and 2 smaller 2" strips in between these 4 vertically. Hope I'm describing this correctly