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    fall in

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      character falling in

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          Pretty interesting. Did you use dynamics on the particles and then bake to key frames before bringing in to Director, or...?
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            a similar process, I like for everything to be quick, so simplicity is always involved in my process, I put a noise modifier on a particle system and adjusted the noise modifier so it moved like a wave instead of noise. for what looks like sparkles or stars. for the larger bubbles there spheres following a spline path. except for two of them that are spheres also but skinned but still following a spline path. baking to keyframes is the best way to get the most out of your animation instead of relying on the engine to do it thru programming. programs like max can do animation a 100 different ways its illogical not to use the power of authoring programs like max or whatever your using to bake and export

            here is something else you may find interesting
            this would be tedious if I tried to do it thru the engine