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    HTTPService Result Question

    Joshfromdallas Level 1

      I am using Flash Builder 4.


      I have an Air app that uses HTTPService with a php and mysql server to send and retrive data. The send and recive works, however I am uploading a datagrid to the server and want to remove the rows after they are uploaded. So I am working on a solution to use a value of addStatus = true that the PHP passes back through, like the learn flash in a week tut.


      Is there a break operation that I can have the result not equal to tru to carry out to stop it from deleting the row afterwords? right now if there is a problem it does the alert.show but continues to delete the stuff.


      I am doing a for each statement so my thoughts are it does a for each and then in there it gets the result of that row upload and if it returns true it continues else it does a break operation.


      Thanks for the help!