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    Combobox and QueryPosition

    onnut Level 1
      I have combobox that populate by dataprovider.

      var search_Planname:mx.controls.ComboBox = search_Planname;
      responseHandler.GetPlanName_Result = function( results: Object ):Void {
      //when results are back, populate the cfselect
      search_Planname.labelField = "Planname";
      search_Planname.dataProvider = results;
      I want to have "Select All" option as the first option in the combobox. I tried using QueryPosition but it doesnt work.

      Attach Code

      <cfselect name="search_Planname" query="qGetPlan" queryPosition="below"
      display="PlanName" value="PlanNum" width="450" disabled="false" label="Plan Name:" >
      <option value=""> Select All</option>