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    Pixel Aspect Ratio - I thought I'd cracked this!

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      Can someone help me this?

      I've imported a PAL widescreen video in to After Effects CS4 (the original editied file came from Premeire CS3) and I now want to render my video as an F4V file 'stretched' to a smaller size.

      I reckoned half the size so I selected 512 x 288 (being 50% of the PAL size in square pixels - 1024 x 576).


      However, the subsequent rendered F4V video comes out with black bars above and below, suggested that my dimensions are wrong (which I didn't think they were).

      So I selected the After Effects
      preset for PAL wide screen in square pixels and it gives me 1050 x 768 which doesn't seem right to me!

      However, if I select 50% of that (525 x 288), then the F4V is perfect with no black border.

      My question therefore is why does After Effetcs work to its own set of rules for wide screen equivalents of set videos sizes?