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    flvPlayback/flvPlaybackCaptioning - video not loading


      I'd appreciate some help please.


      I'm using the flvPlayback/flvPlaybackCaptioning components.   My file works perfectly when I test the movie within Flash.  When I publish it, I cannot see any video, even on my own PC.


      I have the fla, flv and xml files in the same directory.   In flvPlayback component, I have skin set to None and I'm using a captionButton and playPauseButton.   The source has the flv filename and autoPlay is set to False.  In flvPlaybackCaptioning, source has the xml filename and the captionTargetName has the textbox instance.  showCaption is set to False.


      Everything works fine until I insert the captioning elements.  The captioning works perfectly when testing.  I can't see where I've gone wrong.