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    How to migrate ADE content to a new computer


      At some point, everybody needs to upgrade to a new computer.


      After reading a great many postings in this forum, it seems obvious to me that many of us would greatly benefit from some specific guidance on how to install Adobe Digital Editions and Sony Reader Library Software (and reader device) or some other e-book application on the new computer, and then move the previously purchased e-book content from the old to new computer in a way that will ensure that the e-books can still be read.


      Specifically, I think that some/better guidance needs to be provided on the sequence of steps that must be taken, and the options that should (or should not) be selected to accomplish these actions.  For example, does ADE software get installed on the new PC first, or after installing the Sony reader library (or other reader) software?  Should we authorize the new computer?  How about the portable reader devices (Sony P600), do we leave the content on these or will we need to reload it?  Is there a way to ensure the Adobe ID for both SW applications (ADE & Sony Library) are the same so we don't get new or different ID assigned? Will a reader device (which may already contain ebook content) be recognized and automatically resynch with the new computer? and can it move its content from reader to PC, or must the purchased content first be loaded onto the new PC from the old PC, and then be moved (again) to the reader device?


      I can't help but think that answers to these (and many other) questions could be far more easily communicated by proactively publishing some basic (if general) procedures for accomplishing common actions like these, rather than repeatedly providing help to each of us after we have already done the wrong thing.  While technical help is always greatly appreciated, and it may be easier to address a specific problem, it is more effective to provide information that will help us avoid the problem in the first place, and thus reduce the case load and improve response time.


      If I were sufficiently knowledgable to be capable of providing this general guidance myself, I would certainly do so, but count me among the ignorant masses that are simply trying to buy, download, and read their e-books without rendering all their purchased content inaccesible.  I certainly wouldn't want to inadvertently provide misinformation that might cause even greater problems.


      In short, I think that all of us (forum readers) would greatly like to have some simple instructions presented on what to do, (or not to do), to initially set up our computers and to accomplish other basic functions once this has been done.


      Won't somebody with the needed expertise undertake to provide some instructions in this forum?


      Thanks (in advance) for you support.

      P.S. - Keeping purchased content on original (old) and new computers is NOT an option.

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          How to migrate ADE from one computer to another:

          1.)  Ensure that your current content is authorized to an AdobeID

               In ADE select "Authorize Computer" from the "Library" menu  if it shows you your AdobeID you are good to go.


          2.) Copy files  - the files are the .epub and .pdf files in your Digital Editions folder in your Documents directory.   Alternatively you can simply copy the whole  Digital Editions folder.  If you copy the whole folder make sure you place it into your Documents directory.

          Note:  on Windows the folder names are "My Digital Editions" and "My Documents"


          3.) Install ADE on the new computer, make sure you enter in the AdobeID from step 1 and the password when asked


          The AdobeID that registred and shown (in step1) above is the same for ADE as it is for Sony EBL (the Sony desktop software) - they both pull from the same place.


          Unfortunately I don't know the steps for migrating Sony EBL.


          For the content on the reader device, you can leave them alone.