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    Editing metadata in the file properties

    DragJo Level 1


      I’m using Win XP SP3 on a “normal” Desktop-PC. Since my problem is not connected to hardware I think that description is enough but I do not know which software information is required. So you may ask.

      The problem: I always changed and edited some of the metadata of my PDF files by bringing up the file properties window of the PDF (right click - properties). Next to the “General”-Tab is the “PDF”-Tab. You can see the title, author, topic, dates and PDF-Version of the document. The first four fields where always editable textboxes. I get used to put in some comments and other important information because I didn’t want to use any tool. Now the complete window is locked. So my question is why did this happen? Shall this be a Feature of the new 9.3.3 update? If yes I just can say it isn’t. And my question would then be: How I can turn back to the old behavior?



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