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    Field Rounding

    toby.williams247 Level 1

      I am trying to round a field to a whole number, avoiding decimal places> While Acrobat's formatting seemingly allows this to happen, when exporting the data captured on a form the whole value is given i.e. 1000 is exported as 1000.1677777.


      I am already using a calculation to obtain the value, being


      if( this.getField("GSTV").value > 0)
              event.value = this.getField("GSTV").value / this.getField("GSAN").value
      event.value = "";


      Does anyone know of a format string or calculation string I can include to achieve the desired result.


      Thank you in advance

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Formatting rounds a field's actual value. JavaScript has a number of 'rounding' type methods as part of the 'Math' object or one can use the 'util.printf' method to create a rounded numeric string for the field. I would use a funciton to perform the rounding, so one could resuse the code in other fields in the form or in other forms.


          function Round(nValue, iDecimals)
          Purpose: round a nmber to a given number of decimal places
          nValue -  number to be rounded
          iDecimals - number of decimal palces for the rounded results
          Returns: the round value of the nValue
          return util.printf("%,0 0." + iDecimals + "f", nValue)