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    Flash Insists File is Read-Only


      So I stick in this flash drive that me and some coworkers use regularly to transfer files to each other, open up a couple of .fla files and edit some text as neccessary for a project.  I save, blah blah blah, get about half way done and hit save.


      Could not save I:\[folders]\q5.fla.


      The file may be read-only or already open in another application.

      Save using a different name, or close the document and try again.


      There aren't any other progams using the file.  Hell, I even tested this going through one file and saving after every change.


      Saved, saved, saved, saved, FAIL.


      What the hell, Flash?  Did you forget to lock the document out for your use and something else is nabbing "first open" rights?



      I can narrow down the failure to editing a single movieclip.  All of the files I'm editing are based off the same source (they're questions to a quiz, and while not intelligently programmed, its what we have).  As soon as I edit the contents of the "B" answer (instance name "choice2" movieclip name boxB) I can no longer save the file with the same name.


      I can do anythign else I want to except alter the text to answer B.  Every time, without fail.  I can copy in another question's answer B, replacing the MC and save, but I cannot open up and edit it, as soon as I even open the MC (even after a copy/replace) I cannot save.