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    dead product already?

    GeorgeWS Level 1

      Is this product dead already?

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          Please elaborate!

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            arshorten Adobe Employee

            Hi George,


            Flash Builder 4 was released in March 2010.


            We just shipped an update to Flash Builder (4.0.1) which added support for Flex 4.1, AIR 2 and Flash Player 10.1.


            We are currently working on the next version of the product, code named "Burrito".


            So, in short, the answer to your question is no. Let me know if you have specific questions about the future of Flash Builder and Flex SDK.





            Senior Product Manager, Flash Builder

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              GeorgeWS Level 1

              I got the update, but my intensions when purchasing the product were to build apps for Android. I was able to finally get the hello sample to run still (Beta)... but I read about Slider (I just read that was dead) Im reading about Hero but that could be a year or more. So it seems I can use Flash Builder 4 to make apps but only using Action Script and with limitations. If thats so I do not need FB4, I would just be writing in AS.




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                arshorten Adobe Employee



                Support for the upcoming release of Flex SDK "Hero" will be provided by a new version of Flash Builder, code named "Burrito". We have not yet announced pricing and availability for this release - you can expect to hear more about these versions at Adobe MAX later this year.





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                  macdavid Level 1

                  I have used Flex 3 and Flex 4  for about 10 sites of the last year.   I am not impressed with Flex 4 because of the lack of a designer tool. They did not upgrade all the components which tells me they released to early.


                  As far as Catalyst, I am undecided. As a designer they need to address all that are components that are in Flex as well as data connections for live data during the design work. In the real world work will go back and forth between Catalyst and Flex. If they are not going to add design capabilities into Flex, than they need to add the ability to open Flex components in Catalyst to enhance design work. Very few companies are going to work the way they have set it up, (Designer - Illustrator, PhotoShop, Catalyst) to (Developer - Flex, Flash). Again back and forth between applications is a must.

                  As far as data, I think they need to add Java capabilities into the package and enhance all widgets. Why did they remove the datagrid editing. I like the form generator but in some cases a simple inline edit is fine.